During August and September, my two favorite months for dove shooting, birds were very strong in the hills, and hatching. For the last 7 years we’ve been in a drought, so farmers have not been seeding winter wheat. Thanks to this year’s rainy weather, all the fields are green with winter wheat. It’s good news because the doves will experience one or two more seasonal hatches. Incredible!

Our daily program is very civilized: wake up call at 7:30am, breakfast at 8 and departure to the filed at 9. We normally shoot until 12.30 and stop for lunch. After lunch, we set hammocks for siesta time and at 2.30 pm we are rested and ready to start shooting again.

When we’re done shooting we go back to the lodge, where we serve appetizers and drinks. This is the perfect time to relax by the fire pitt outside, at the hot tub or, if you like, you can order a massage.

Also we have great activities for non-shooters. For instance, you can day trip to cordoba, ride horses in the scenic hills, and even take a shooting lesson.

But it’s not all about the shooting; it’s about the full experience. At the end of the season, after a long day of shooting, some clients invited the field assistants for a drink at the bar! It was very nice of them and we all joked around and had a lot of fun.

Also, if you find a good barber at home, here at la dormida i can cut your hair and teach you shooting—no additional charge!

At la dormida please know that you always have a home. My family is waiting for your arrival.

Thanks a lot to all, hope see you soon.
Kind regards

Joaquin dartiguelongue
Manager – guide
La dormida lodge

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