Community Action

An important part of the David Denies presence in the Cordoba region is to share our many blessings with those less fortunate than ourselves. In addition to community centers and frequent meal distribution, our staff also plans various events throughout the year. One of these monthly events is a “Solidarity Day.” Each month a diverse group of 25 volunteers from Cordoba City visit one of the rural community Centers of the Mission Esperanza Foundation. The goal of these special days is to see that between 80 to 100 children have the opportunity to do things they can’t usually do.

All day we participate in organized activities that share lessons with children and teach them to empower themselves. Volunteers target medical and maintenance duties and education activities, prune orchards and plant trees as well as play with the children and include them in age-appropriate tasks. Volunteers also schedule some time for play and crafts, including painting, dancing, storytelling, learning to recycle, soccer and other games. Included in the volunteer team are dentists and doctors who take advantage of these visits to run check-ups on children who don’t get regular care. Every child goes home with a new tooth brush and tooth paste.

To wrap up the day our volunteers and children share snacks and celebrate birthdays.

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