June 2016

Duck Hunting

Los Crestones Lodge – Hunting Report May 2016

This year we started with slightly more water than the average of last season. More resident ducks (mostly teal) announced a good early season. Some rainfall during April gave us plenty of good duck water to produce good duck hunts all of May. Unlike previous years, we started to get

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NRA Annual Meetings 2016

As South America’s premier wingshooting outfitter, David Denies Wingshooting continues to expand both its hunting options and its presence at major outdoor sporting shows and events. Our most recent show participation was at this year’s annual NRA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. We “caught up” with many old friends and had

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David Denies Solidarity Day

“David Denies Solidarity Day” at Mission Esperanza Foundation Sharing the day with the children of La Curva & La Feria Community Centers Every month David Denies organizes a Solidarity Day with Sister Theresa. Last month, a group of volunteers met at Mission Esperanza Foundation to welcome the children of the

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On March 19, Mission Esperanza Foundation volunteers visited Santo Domingo for the first solidarity mission of 2016, with the David Denies’ sponsored Mobile Hospital. With the aim of providing free monthly health-care services to uninsured people seeking to improve their quality of life, 40 volunteers called “Doctors of La Esperanza”

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Reciprocity Suspended

Emerson once said that common sense is genius dressed in its working clothes. That seems a particularly fitting sentiment today, as we announce the suspension of reciprocity fees for U.S. passport holders visiting Argentina for stays of 90 days or less. Here is the official press release from the Argentine

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