About the Pigeons

We have two kinds of wild pigeons in Argentina and Uruguay, the pica zuro–which is a big, blue-gray wild pigeon about the same size as those that sit on statues in the town square. They are fast, hard to hunt, and many experienced hunters consider the Pica Zuro to be a sporting bird on par with pheasants or mallard ducks. The other type of pigeon we target is the spot-winged, which is a bird that is a good deal bigger than a dove, but not quite as big as the Pica Zuro. It’s also a sporting target that decoys well and can be found in great numbers near orchards and groves as well as in traditional agricultural settings. If you have not shot pigeons, you’re in for a great challenge.

Our Pigeon Hunting Lodges

  • La Torcaza

    Córdoba, Argentina
    Pigeon Hunting