Almost Time – South American duck shooting is at it’s peak

While in North America, you are no doubt enjoying the spring flowers and the opening games of the baseball season, in Argentina, our lodges are furiously preparing for the opening of duck season. That’s right-duck season. You see, if you are not familiar with the waterfowl scene in Argentina and Uruguay, the seasons are reversed. Meaning that Argentina’s fall and winter are in line with the North American summer. The best of Argentina’s water fowling happens soon–from May through July and into August. So when seasons are closed at home or shooting is unavailable in Europe, South American duck shooting is at it’s peak.

But some say, “Argentina? That seems too exotic. Crazy species I have never heard of, and hunting in stranger places with palm trees and weird wildlife.” But what if I told you that in the areas around Jacana Lodge and Los Crestones Lodges, and also up in Uruguay at San Juan, you’d be hunting in a dry blind, just like at home, and that you could shoot teal, shovelers, wigeon, and pintails. You can. They are different species than you are used to, Brazilian teal and several others, Chiloe wigeon, yellow-billed pintail,and Bahama pintail; but they fly the same, decoy the same, and the hunting is just as “normal” as it is at home. There is also the “king” of Argentina’s ducks–the Rosy billed Pochard. It flies like a Canvasback, decoys like a mallard, and tastes like a filet mignon. By the way….with liberal limits, there is a lot more shooting and a lot more excitement.

Truthfully, the duck hunting in Argentina has been “discovered” and our lodges are tough to get into these days–spots are at a premium.  But it is never too late. So take a look at your calendar and see if you can join us this season. You don’t even have to bring gun or waders. We have everything here for you.

And…you’ll find that the lodges and meals aren’t too shabby either! Come and join us. Until then, shoot safely wherever you are headed.


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