March 2018

Dove is in the air everywhere I look around – Córdoba Dove Hunting Argentina

The highest birds, the widest birds, no fear of pinching your neighbour’s birds… Córdoba’s doves flight in blizzards but have the courtesy to allow the guns a long, leisurely lunch-break, yet Jonathan Young crams several seasons’ worth of shooting into three days. We found it bordered on the riotous. During our three-day stay the revolving …


The Price Per Pound – Hunting Facts

by Douglas Larsen While I know people that have, I have never been brave enough to calculate the cost of a shot duck on a per pound basis. But I have spent enough time in ducks blinds to ponder such a thing, and  I have a general idea based on all of the expenses involved, …


Satisfaction – Duck Calling Tips

by Douglas Larsen John Madson wrote, “Hunting is among the last genuine adventures of modern man,” and he was very correct. In hunting and perhaps fishing, those of us immersed in the digital age can disappear into the outdoors and challenge ourselves against wild creatures, if only for a short time. Duck calling is one …