2016 Opening of Uruguay Lodge

Big news…….. in 2016 David Denies is going to open a new lodge in Uruguay: Uruguay Lodge.

Encouraged by the quantity and quality of hunting in Uruguay as well as the high rate of satisfaction and our guests repeating we’ve decided that it was time to open another. For the past three years we have been carefully looking for the best place for the new lodge, and now we have finally come upon the perfect place.

We were able to gain access one of the most beautiful estancias in all of Uruguay– recognized as such by several different publications that feature its outstanding beauty and tradition. Uruguay Lodge is a mansion that used to be the main house of a ranch from the end of the 19th century, built by a man that would later become the president of Uruguay. Since then it has had several different owners, including an Italian Count, made famous for his eccentricities. But when the mansion turned 100 years old at the end of the 20th century, the large dimensions of the house and the cost of maintaining its condition, made it is so that the owners stopped using it, leading to the beginning of its self-deterioration and ultimate abandonment. Now we have begun the meticulous restoration of the entire property and it will soon be ready to be enjoyed by our guests, to the same level of splendor as in the time before, one hundred years ago, but with the comforts of the 21st century.

Uruguay Lodge is located in a place of privilege in an area surrounded by a park of hundred-year-old trees: eucalyptus, palms, magnolias, roses and jasmines, which have been witnesses to the ranch’s rich history. It is located in the Young area, in the Río Negro Department, located only thirty minutes away from San Juan Lodge.

The proximity of both lodges will allow for both to share in the hunting area while, at the same time, allowing each lodge to have an exclusive area. The north area of the Río Negro Department and the south area of Paysandú will be the common area of both lodges. The southwest and the west of the Paysandú Department will be the exclusive area of San Juan and the east and central to Rio Negro will be the exclusive hunting area for Uruguay Lodge.

The mansion has six large rooms, which can be made single or double, a large living room with a wood burning stove, a sitting room with a large skylight and a bar that invites guests to interact in an eating area with a table for twelve people. Uruguay Lodge will be able to receive a group of six hunters in single rooms, or ten hunters in double rooms. The pinewood floors are original, as well as the mosaics in the main hallways, and the Spanish tiles and the wall tiles of the living and dining rooms. Extremely high ceilings at an impressive height close to three meters and a width spanning the entire floor will give a special sense of comfort to the guest. There is a wine cellar in the basement and close to the kitchen, a splendid greenhouse for the garden.

The characteristics of the hunting in the area of Uruguay Lodge are similar to those of San Juan since it is located only 30 minutes away. There are fertile fields in abundance with good pastures to hunt perdiz with our great dogs; wide plots dedicated to agriculture for growing sunflowers, sorghum, soy, corn and wheat providing an infinite amount of food for the doves. In the area there are a large number of reservoirs and ponds, where, together with the abundance of food in the area, produce enormous concentrations of ducks, of all kinds of species.

The Uruguay Lodge will be finished before the end of the year and the lodge will be open for the 2016 season.

In Uruguay Lodge our guests will enjoy service of the highest category, as they receive in all of the David Denies lodges. The hunting is the best “mixed bag” (ducks, dove and perdiz over pointing dogs), with the quality that we offer them in San Juan but in a mansion from the 19th century, completely restored, that will now  welcome guests with both history and modern convience.

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