The Kautapen Group

Our research and experience tell us that over 50% of bird hunters are also actively interested in big game hunting, while over 60% are captivated by fishing. If you are a part of that majority and are interested in adding variety to your sporting life, look no further than Red Stag Patagonia and Nervous Waters Fly Fishing. All three brands are proud members of The Kautapen Group – a single team of dedicated professionals focused on maintaining the highest standard of service and elevating your sporting experiences.

The chase is fair, everything else is excellent

Red Stag Patagonia outfits some of the best Red Stag hunts in both Argentina and Chile. All of Red Stag’s hunts are fair chase, open country hunts in universally magnificent terrain, and their high success rate speaks for itself. In addition to stags, Red Stag Patagonia has some of the best free-range Black Buck and Axis Deer hunting in South America. Whether you’re targeting a trophy, searching for a representative animal, or just want to hunt big game in un-pressured new terrain, Red Stag Patagonia will confidently guide you to success. Finally, don’t just take our word for it. Ask those who’ve made the trip. We’d be happy to put you in touch with many, many sportsmen and women who’ve made it a habit to both hunt and fish with us annually.

A higher form of fishing

The Nervous Waters collection of fishing lodges stands alone in the world of sport fishing. Built around the best resource destinations, our lodges offer a level of service on par with the finest boutique hotels of the world, yet each shines with its own personality. The quality of our lodges is only surpassed by the dedication and expertise of our management and guiding teams who have spent decades mastering their craft, and their waters. Constantly on a quest to do even better, there is truly no family of angling destinations that compares!

Double down on your sporting adventures and experience all The Kautapen Group has to offer by combining your stay with another of our hunting or fishing lodges.

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