Argentina Bird Hunting

Welcome to one of the world’s greatest hunting destinations—Argentina. Once unknown to many, each year Argentina hosts more than twice the number of hunters traveling to South Africa. This single country alone annually hosts as many hunters as there are hunting safaris conducted on the entire African continent. In short, Argentina is serious about its hunting.

It is little wonder, when considering all the country has to offer. Buenos Aires is the country’s capital and the normal jumping-off point for most hunting adventures. The city is elegant, friendly, safe, beautifully abuzz, and architecturally resemblant of Europe. Many refer to Buenos Aires as “The Paris of the South”. The Tango perfectly characterizes the pulse of this beautiful city. Logistically the country has a great infrastructure of both excellent roads and a well-formed internal flight system. The National language is Spanish but with tremendous European influence and teaching of English in schools, English is a widely spoken second language. You should never encounter significant language barriers in your travels.

What Can You Hunt in Argentina?

Geographically, Argentina is a very large country. Its diversity and size allow for and support an abundance of hunting options. While its high-volume bird shooting is legendary, the big game opportunities should not be overlooked. As noted, bird hunting is the biggest hunting industry. Many of the birds, especially doves and pigeons, are considered a nuisance to the farming industry as they exist in untold millions. Not to be overlooked are the varied species of ducks, many of which can be found nowhere else in the world, that make Argentina a duck hunter’s paradise. To a lesser degree, the elusive perdiz are available for the avid upland bird hunter, and offer some of the hardest flying, fast paced wingshooting available.

While combination hunts are easily arranged, and several of our lodges are specifically set up for combination (or “mixed bag” hunts as we refer to them), it is almost impossible to hunt everything in just one area. David Denies has positioned its lodges to allow for single species or multiple species hunts.

Argentina is a big, beautiful country and its hunting opportunities are rarely rivaled. We invite you to explore our website and call or email us with any questions.

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