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David Denies Bird Hunting is a family of bird hunting lodges across Argentina & Uruguay. From dove shooting in the hills surrounding Córdoba, to the wetlands of Buenos Aires province, to the rolling pastures of Uruguay, we bring you to a wingshooting paradise, with attention to detail, and dependability outfitting that is simply not found elsewhere. 

Beautifully appointed lodges welcome you, and you’ll be treated to cuisine from the finest chefs in South America. From the moment you contact our staff to plan the trip of a lifetime, to well after you return home, you will feel the David Denies difference, and see what has made our lodges the ultimate destination for the traveling bird hunter, for nearly 40 years.

Our Collection


The Kautapen Group (TKG) is a boutique collection of 21 fishing and hunting lodges spanning Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and the Bahamas. Since 1984, we’ve built decades of experience as industry leaders in luxury sporting travel. We are proud to continue to offer our guests a level of service matching and exceeding the finest boutique hotels in the world, each with a unique personality.

Attention to detail is our highest priority in the lodge and the field. Every property has been carefully curated to give our guests direct access to the highest quality sporting opportunities, and luxurious accommodations that allow guests to unwind and recharge after the day’s adventures.

Giving Back

David Denies has a rich history of social responsibility in the communities where we work and live. Since 1985, our motto has been “investing money in people”. This guiding philosophy is all about enriching the lives of local youth and elderly people in need. It means encouraging employee voluntarism in the region. And it’s a mission that’s constantly evolving. Our commitment to being great corporate citizens takes place in four core areas.

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TUCUMÁN LODGE is ready and open for business!

The newest addition to our David Denies collection of bird lodges welcomes its first guests today. Purpose built in a carefully chosen location, Tucumán Lodge offers short drives and endless doves, all with the signature David Denies experience.
DM for more information on this exciting new addition to our collection.

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We are at the 2023 Sheep Show in Reno this weekend, be sure to stop by and visit us at booth 2348! ...

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WE ARE GOING TO DALLAS… January 5th to 8th, 2023
Be sure to stop by and visit us at the DSC Convention next weekend, Booth 2523.
We look forward to seeing you there!!!

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Every day is a beautiful day for doves...⠀
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As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday in the U.S. we want to take a moment to voice our thankfulness for all of our clients and friends that make our business so incredibly enjoyable.

Speaking on behalf of everyone at David Denies, thank you for trusting us with your sporting holidays and we hope to welcome you back very soon.

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Dawn is breaking, the birds are beginning to fly, it’s going to be a good day in the dove fields....better than good, actually.

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Built in 1827, Los Crestones Lodge offers mixed bag hunting, coupled with fine accommodations and service to match.
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Hunting by Species

One of the most populous game birds in the world, the flocks can darken the skies, and provide challenging, high volume shooting in a number of scenarios.
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From the coveted Rosy-billed Pochard, to the super fast flying and agile Speckled Teal, you will see species only found here in South America, in fantastic numbers.
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Wild and wary, the Perdiz is the perfect upland species to pursue with pointing dogs. Fast, hard flushes are the norm, and the Perdiz offers a sporting challenge like no other upland bird.
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Considered one of the most challenging sporting birds in the world, the Picazuro Pigeon is a big, hearty bird capable of flying at incredible speeds. More akin to a dry land duck hunt, than a dove shoot, they offer a very different experience for the traveling wingshooter.
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Hunting by Country

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Stuff, By Doug Larsen

By Doug Larsen, For The Retriever Journal. Recently I was over at my mother’s house and found myself flipping through a heavy old photo album that

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