Our Family

Why Hunt with us?

Since 1982, the David Denies family of lodges has delivered Argentina’s many hunting treasures to sportsmen from around the world. From doves and pigeon hunting in Cordoba to ducks and perdiz outside of Buenos Aires—plus mixed-bag sport in friendly Uruguay—let us take you to the birds.

Hundreds of discerning sportsmen have shot with us time and time again, and they keep returning to enjoy our hospitality and great hunting programs. Don’t take a chance with your shooting holiday—our bird hunting trips are truly unmatched!

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Our long history shapes a program to which our guests pay the highest compliment — they come back.
  • We are pioneers of high-volume dove hunting and the first upmarket lodge in Cordoba, opening our doors in 1982.
  • From modest beginnings, our unique offering has grown into the world’s largest portfolio of lodges.
  • Our standards of excellence — in sport and service — sets an impressive mark for loyalty: 75% of guests are return customers.
We have the biggest expanses of land which ensures the most varied hunting scenarios
  • We have focused on great hunting, and have put great lodges near great resources.
  • Breadth of productive land exceeds any other in this area, envied world-wide for its wing shooting.
  • The location of each of our lodges ensures short drives to the fields.
Experience unparalleled service and accommodations finely tuned for the hunter.
  • Seasoned guides focus solely on your hunting experience.
  • Every position — manager to housekeeper — is highly trained and attentive to the smallest detail to guarantee your personal comfort. Many staff members have been with us twenty years or more—they’ll welcome you on your first visit as well as your next.
  • We benchmark against fine hotels, but shape the offering to the unique needs of the hunter.
  • Perfection needn’t feel snobby; our lodges are a home away from home.
  • Dining is a point of pride and universal guest praise; our à la carte menu rivals fine dining restaurants.
For those seeking the finest hunting experiences, there’s no better value in the business.
  • You have expectations for your trip; exceeding them is our promise to you.
  • The standards we achieve daily in and around our lodges are not seen elsewhere in the sporting realm.
  • We do charge a little more, but we deliver far much more.
Feel good about your hunt; we treasure the land and the communities we call home.
  • We commit substantial financial support to protect these remarkable properties.
  • Foundations like María de la Esperanza Mission receive our continued support.
  • More than 800 children per day eat at the six community centers we helped build.
  • Our support provides health care services for people in the remote areas of Cordoba.
Relax, you’re in expert hands from the moment you leave home until you return to gather your mail.
  • A smooth, worry-free trip is our guarantee; delays are nimbly handled, we will be there for you regardless the hour of arrival.
  • Tailored packages include travel accommodations, air bookings, charter flights and transfers, everything associated with your lodge week. Our Concierge Service is at your disposal 24/7.
  • A friendly human voice will answer your call anytime, day or night, no matter where you are in the world.

  • Our Ancestry

    David Denies was the first outfitter in Córdoba.

  • Our Staff

    Meet the Team

  • Why Hunt With Us?

    Since 1982, the David Denies family of lodges has delivered Argentina’s many shooting treasures to sportsmen from around he world.

  • Best Dove Hunting In The World

    We are invested in Cordoba; our staff lives here, they raise their children in the region.

  • Giving Back

    David Denies has a history of social responsibility in the communities where we work and live.

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