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Welcome to the first issue of our 2014 Wingshooting Connection newsletter. This is the time of year when all of our wingshooting lodges are operating simultaneously and we start getting a picture of how the rest of the season will go. Keep on reading to find out how each lodge started off the season and details about the shooting.

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Jacana & Crestones
The duck- and perdiz-hunting season is firing up with no signs of slowing down. Ducks have officially arrived.+ info
News from San Juan Lodge
The season started with weather on our sidewhich made for doves as abundat as always, but with more ducks and perdiz than in previuos years. Lodge upgrades surprised long-time guests and completed the joyful experience. + info
News from Córdoba Lodges

Córdoba dove shooting has a clear benefit that makes it stand out from any other dove shooting area: there are doves year round and the shooting scenarios are so varied that you can´´ even imagine that many posibilities. Check out the current situation!+ info

Montaraz Lodge

Our pigeon season officially began on May 1. But prior to that we were scouting fields, analyzing the area, and blueprinting hunting scenarios in order to deliver the best pigeon hunts possible. + info

  JACANA LODGE- Duck season is on  

Weeks before the season started we were already predicting some great shooting. Prime water levels and a variety of returning birds are always great indicators. In addition, we’d also fine-tuned a great program. Our decoys and roboducks were ready, were primed for action, and pre-season scouting was complete.

Now that duck season is on, it’s apparent that water won’t be an issue for the next several months—an extremely wet summer has kept most of the ponds full of water. And many of our bucket blinds were submerged in late April. Fortunately, water levels are dropping and the majority of buckets are now clean and dry and awaiting our guests. We’re also using boats more often due to the depth of the ponds, which allow us to cover long distances when needed.

Despite some humid and wet weather, the good news is that temperatures are dropping and more ducks are streaming in. There is no predominant species so far, but we’re shooting more rosys than usual for this time of the year. The arrival of cold fronts from the south marks the beginning of winter and the height of the rosy migration.

This year we'll concentrate on hunting closer to the lodge—which means great shooting, with shorter drives to the fields. We hope to see you enjoy a season full of memories that will last a lifetime!


Last Available spots
Jun 1-6 (2 guns)
Jun 6-9 (6 guns)
Jun 30 Jul 4 (4 guns)
July 15-19 (4 guns)
Aug 1-5 (private lodge with 6 guns)


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LOS CRESTONES-Great start at a new location


As many of you know, we’ve found a new home for Los Crestones. And we’re excited to announce a "new" program with the same great staff and the same high-quality duck and perdiz hunting—but with shorter daily drives and enhanced accommodations at a luxurious and exclusive rural estancia.

The property boasts a spa ideal for relaxing after an exciting morning of decoying ducks, and a veranda for you to enjoy a drink in the afternoons.

Now that the season is rolling, we’re happy to say that the upgrade has been well received by our guests.

So far, the humidity and the heat weren’t enough to stop us from having a great beginning. The main duck areas have been loaded with teals and some rosy bills, and every day we’re seeing more and more pintails arrive. Cold fronts are now moving in from the south, pushing even more ducks our way. Perdiz hunting has also been good, with thick and heavy grassland that provide great cover and food for the birds.

We’ll have good water levels throughout the season so our area will continue to hold ducks in large numbers over the next couple of months.

Our big game hunts for black bucks and Axis deer are going great, too. The new lodge offers more land than ever to scout and hunt for them, making our big game program the best in the area.


Last Available spots
Jul 5-9 (4 guns)
Jul 24-28 (4 guns)

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Mixed-bag season started as good as it gets at San Juan Lodge.

Intense spring and summer rains followed by warm weather boosted our perdiz and resident duck populations. Therefore, hunting for these two species has been quite exciting so far. The perdiz hunts are being absolutly outstanding, always returning to the lodge with the hands full of birds. On the other side, duck hunts don't stay behind. Despite the fact that the cold weather has not arrived yet, ducks are already incredibly abundant and guests are blown out with this top of the shelf mixed bag.

Lodge's upgrades surprised long-time guests and completed the joyful experience. This year, prior to opening, we decided to revamp certain lodge facilities in order to surprise our repeat guests. We started with the bathrooms, which were completely redone. The kitchen also received a wood oven that provides outstanding flavor to our cuisine. Premium wine selections have also been updates with exceptional Uruguayan, Argentinean and Chilean bottles.

As for the staff, our valued long-time guides, Martin, Sebastian, and Pablo Segovia, are still with us. The only addition to the team is Argentinean Pablo Tañira, who was the manager at Futa Lodge and is doing a great job so far. There are also some new puppies in the mix that will be joining the hunting team soon.

Last but not least, we have a great assistant house manager, our daughter, who has been hanging around hunting operations since she was in her mother's belly. She knows the ropes well and is an expert in customer care and service.

We hope to see you soon!


Last Available Spots
Jun 28-Jul 2 (6 guns)
Jul 1-5 (4 guns)
Jul 17-21 (4 guns)
Jul 26-31 (Private lodge with 6 guns)

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  News from Cordoba Lodges  

While all our other lodges are just starting their season, our traditional Pica Zuro and La Dormida lodges keep offering the same outstanding service and shooting as always. April was a great month in which most shoots were carried out closer to the lodge as birds decided to stay near home.

Cornfields near Pica Zuro, for instance, provided excellent hunting. While at La Dormida, we targeted local sorghum fields just covered in doves. We also hunted in feedlots, where we found ridiculous numbers of birds, as well as discovering some new, temporary roosts in the area.

The gun of preference for most continues to be the 20-gauge. More and more shooters are leaving the 12 bore for ducks. In the future, I believe we’ll see this trend continue with 28s.

The next time you hunt with us, try one out. You’ll be surprised by their smooth, lightweight, and effective capabilities.

A short recommendation note:
Even though the dove shooting season is year round, we would like to encourage people coming to our dove lodges within now and September to take the opportunity to spend 2 or 3 days pigeon hunting as well. The ride from lodge to lodge is short and the combined program is absolutely fantastic. Warm up at the historic Montaraz Estancia with exciting decoyed pigeons and then move on to our world famous high volume dove shooting lodges, Pica Zuro or La Dormida for a hunting adventure of lifetime.

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  Montaraz Pigeon Hunting Report  

This time, we decided to bait in six different areas in an effort to concentrate the pigeon population where we want. This strategy can be highly effective.

Those who know pigeons will agrere, this is not shooting but hunting. It’s simple, pigeons are smart. And to be effective requires an intelligent approach. So far we’ve had very good results. All of our groups are achieving their limits.

Weather is always an important factor. Hot weather and lots of water make pigeon hunting more chalenging. High and abundant water means they will not concentrate in specific water holes. While higher temperature make the birds fly earlier than usual.

For the first week of our 2014 season, we targeted alfalfa fields, feedlots betwen olive trees, and the usual flyways. So far the number of pigeons is abundant and they’re “friendly”—often diving into our decoys. This behavior could change as the season progresses. We provide diferent gauges and shell loads. Some shooters prefer 12-gauge, 28-gram #7 shots; others choose a #5, with 32-gram loads. My preference is a 20-bore #7 shot when we shoot in blinds with decoys and 20-gauges with #5 shots when we shoot in flyways. Our rental guns include 20-gauges: new winchester semiautomatic, berettas 391s, and beretta o/u silver pigeons. In 12-gauge: beretta silver pigeons o/u. And in semis: benellis. In 28-gauge options we have browning hunters o/u. For pigeons, i recommend that hunters wear camoflage gear, especially later in the season.

Montaraz is the oldest lodge in argentina, built by the jesuits in 1702. It’s loaded with history. We kept the main structure in order to preserve its soul, but pump comfort into the mix with new beds, a new kitchen, beter hot water, internet access, and a massage room. It’s a place where people can learn the history of how argentine estancias were built. We have ten rooms with private bathroms, a chapel, an underground winery, asado for babacues, a tennis court, and swimming pool. Nonshooting activities include horseback riding, golf, and birdwatching.


Last Available Spots
Jul 6-9 (6 guns)
Jul 10-13 (6 guns)
Jul 22-25 (6 guns)
Aug 4-8  (6 guns)
Sept ---- Contact us for space


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