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The Beginning

People who don’t know always ask, “Why David Denies?

David Denies is our founder. He was the first outfitter in Córdoba over 35 years ago, when he pioneered high-volume dove hunting in the region and declared the region the Dove Hunting Capital of the World.

A personal reflection on the history of dove hunting in Córdoba, as told by David Denies:

I’ll tell you, David, I’ve shot many times in Mexico and Colombia and I never saw this many birds, we must have hit the day they migrate.

This statement was made in 1982, and my old friend Gene knew what he was talking about. The greatest dove hunt in those days was in the Cauca Valley in western Colombia. It was famous, and it was possible to visit that region and shoot a whole case of shells!! A case of 500 shells!! How things have changed.

Gene and I had been driving around Argentina for two weeks, he and his wife Nancy wanted to see the country’s many wonders, and we roamed through vast regions like gypsies. We bought gas by the jug and lambs on the hoof. We saw the incredible colors of the Salta Mountains, and worked our way high into Tucuman through subtropical jungle, and finally wound through some tough dirt tracks in the sierras of Córdoba.

We didn’t start to see the big flocks of doves until we came through the tiny town of Villa del Dique. Six miles later we stopped to take a look from a high spot on the highway. Though it is difficult to believe, looking through binoculars there were huge dove flights flying from the grain filled plains into the wild hills of southern Córdoba for as far as we could see. They were flying from south to north in lines, and flocks, and huge, high groups. Looking west and then east, I began to grasp the immensity of this movement of birds. The flyway was at least five miles wide. It seemed weird, or maybe it was perfect timing, but surely we must have hit the day of a great dove migration.

Minutes later, after turning the truck onto a dirt road in an isolated valley, we loaded two shotguns and began plucking birds from the sky—but in no time we were totally out of shells. As we picked up our doves, we inspected the birds and found their crops were full of corn. It took us some time to come to the realization that this was not a migration. These birds were feeding and going back to roost. This happened here every day!

I was back in October that same year and saw the same staggering amount of birds. I returned again in December and led the first party of Americans into the area—as far as I know they were the first foreigners to shoot dove in Argentina.

Looking back, I still marvel at the fact that a casual sightseeing tour led to what today is a thriving business that is important to sportsmen and the community, all spawned by an amazing renewable resource. Dove hunting today provides jobs for many of my countrymen, benefits the region and the region’s poor, and provides world-class sport to the people who visit us from countries around the globe.

Good shooting and be safe,

David Denies

Since those early years, the David Denies Company has refined dove hunting, setting a new standard for service in the field. But coupled with our field services, our lodges provide award-winning service when judged on scales usually reserved for fine international hotels. In other words, we have married the best of the outdoors with the best of the indoors for a complete package designed to delight the international sportsman the first time, and every time. From our beginnings in Córdoba, we have expanded our reach carefully, and this care and careful growth has allowed us to expand into the number one hunting outfitter in South America. The bedrock of each of our lodges is great bird hunting. We still explore as David did in the early days. We look for a resource that we know and trust. One that is special, and exciting, then we take care of it. After that, we add our service element. Every lodge we operate follows exact and demanding standards of service. Whether you are interested in ducks, doves, pigeons, or mixed-bag hunting, the experience surrounding each is designed to be thrilling, yet familiar.

Our mission is to consider every single detail, both in the field and at the lodge, to ensure that your sole focus will be to reconnect with nature and enjoy what brings you to us—great hunting.

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    David Denies was the first outfitter in Córdoba.

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    Since 1982, the David Denies family of lodges has delivered Argentina’s many shooting treasures to sportsmen from around he world.

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    We are invested in Cordoba; our staff lives here, they raise their children in the region.

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