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  • Games, Shows, Goodies and Toys for Children's Day Celebration

    7 September, 2018
    David Denies & Mission Esperanza Foundation celebrate Children’s Day Established to help raise awareness for children’s rights and welfare, Children’s Day is now celebrated annually throughout most of the world. For the past several years David Denies has committed various resources to Children’s Day festivities that take place in the remote
  • “Proving Ground” – Uruguay Bird Hunting

    19 April, 2018
    Benelli shotguns have long been recognized as one of the finest shotguns in the sporting industry.  So when they design a new gun they want to ensure it can stand up to the elements and perform flawlessly in a variety of field conditions. Such was the case when Benelli selected
  • Staying in Touch – Hunting Holidays – Argentina

    17 April, 2018
    It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago in Argentina, when to make an international phone call, you had to go to an urban area, find a “phone store” and book an overseas call, which you then took in a phone booth inside the phone store. Cellular service had
  • “DD”: Dove and Deer

    16 April, 2018
    We at David Denies Bird Hunting tend to associate the initials “DD” with our company David Denies.  Mean while, the hunters of Texas associate “DD” with their two hunting passions—Dove and Deer!! The Texas Deer Association held its 18th Annual Convention in San Antonio, Texas on August 11-13, 2016. David
  • Lessons From an Argentina Cast and Blast

    12 April, 2018
    Kirk Deeter, Field & Stream editor, together with photographer Tim Romano came to Argentina on a cast and blast spectacular adventure. The result of their trip was tons of fantastic pictures and a report of their trip in Field and Stream blog, with 15 tips for Trout-Fishing and Dove-Hunting. Click
  • DOUBLE with No Trouble

    6 April, 2018
    We know it’s a long way from North America to Argentina so why not take advantage of that long flight and add some spectacular sport fishing to your bird hunting.  The waters of Argentina team with some of the world’s most exciting and rewarding fishing.  Argentina offers the finest Sea
  • Dove is in the air everywhere I look around – Córdoba Dove Hunting Argentina

    25 March, 2018
    The highest birds, the widest birds, no fear of pinching your neighbour’s birds… Córdoba’s doves flight in blizzards but have the courtesy to allow the guns a long, leisurely lunch-break, yet Jonathan Young crams several seasons’ worth of shooting into three days. We found it bordered on the riotous. During
  • Cast & Blast from June to October

    19 February, 2018
    Paraná River Outfitters (PRO) is the brainchild of a group of professional dorado fishing guides. Nervous Waters and David Denies have endorsed the team, partnering with them to create a program for BIG dorado on the fly. The adventure takes place in the Middle section of the Paraná River Basin,
  • Introducing Dorado to your hunting trip

    28 December, 2017
    MONSTER PARANA RIVER DORADO–AN IDEAL CAST AND BLAST OPPORTUNITY IN ARGENTINA   It has always been hard to find great fishing during the hunting seasons-That is no longer the case! Paraná River Outfitters (PRO) is the brainchild of a group of professional dorado fishing guides. Nervous Waters and David Denies
  • 2018 Show Schedule

    13 December, 2017
    Well, -it’s almost show time. With the holidays fast approaching, and numerous other “distractions” like college football bowl games, NFL playoffs, and numerous end of year activities, it’s time to put a Hunting Show on your calendar. While the internet and websites provide a significant amount of information, there is
  • David Denies X Pilla Eyewear Giveaway

    4 December, 2017
    For more than 20 years, Pilla has been manufacturing world-class shooting eyewear. Together with ZEISS (a company with over 165 years of optics development) they have created the finest shooting eyewear available in today’s market. David Denies is proud to announce an official partnership with Pilla Performance Eyewear. The world’s
  • NRA Annual Convention

    8 May, 2017
    David Denies Bird Hunting is once again participating in the National Rifle Association’s (NRA’s) annual convention.  This years event is being held from April 27, 2017 – April 30, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.  Over 80,000 people are expected, with President Trump delivering the keynote presentation on Friday, April 28th. While

    26 October, 2016
    This past July, the Mission Esperanza Foundation volunteers visited Santiago del Estero in a solidarity mission with the Mobile Hospital. For a week, the volunteers provided free health care services to uninsured people and sought to improve the quality of life of people in need. Sister Theresa and 28 volunteers
  • David Denies and Foundacion Maria Esperanza celebrated Children’s Day.

    12 October, 2016
    DD and FME again joined forces for what is consider the most important children’s day in Argentina on August 27. The organization of the event started well before, with volunteers that collected food, potable water, toys, candies and all kind of goodies. The children’s day was celebrated in the FME
  • NRA Annual Meetings 2016

    20 May, 2016
    As South America’s premier wingshooting outfitter, David Denies Wingshooting continues to expand both its hunting options and its presence at major outdoor sporting shows and events. Our most recent show participation was at this year’s annual NRA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. We “caught up” with many old friends and had
  • Reciprocity Suspended – Argentina

    28 March, 2016
    Emerson once said that common sense is genius dressed in its working clothes. That seems a particularly fitting sentiment today, as we announce the suspension of reciprocity fees for U.S. passport holders visiting Argentina for stays of 90 days or less. Here is the official press release from the Argentine
  • David Denies Bird Hunting exhibits at the Toronto Sportsman’s Show!

    17 March, 2016
    Hundreds of Canadian sportsman visited the David Denies booth at the recent Toronto Sportsman’s Show in Toronto, Canada.  This is the largest sportsman’s show in all of Canada and was attended by over 65,000 people.  For many in attendance this was their first exposure to the incredible hunting opportunities that David Denies has
  • 2016 Opening of Uruguay Lodge

    28 September, 2015
    Big news…….. in 2016 David Denies is going to open a new lodge in Uruguay: Uruguay Lodge. Encouraged by the quantity and quality of hunting in Uruguay as well as the high rate of satisfaction and our guests repeating we’ve decided that it was time to open another. For the
  • Shooting Shows 2015 Agenda

    26 June, 2015
    This time of year, we often get so wrapped up in the Holiday spirit that we forget to look ahead to the New Year. While it is important to enjoy celebrating with friends and family now, with just a little pre-planning you can make certain that you’ll be prepared to
  • Solidarity Days

    25 June, 2015
    A group of volunteers meets once a month and visit one of the Community Centers of the Mission Esperanza Foundation. These Community Centers (soup kitchens) are located in helpless and rural areas of Cruz del Eje. Our goal is that people visit the Community Centers and showing different ways of
  • Safari Club Show

    29 April, 2015
    No matter where you live, February is a tough month. There isn’t a lot to do if you are a hunter or shooter. Most of the northern climes are gripped by winter, and it is summer in South America. February in Buenos Aires is like August in Houston, just plain
  • Making a difference – Social Work

    20 April, 2015
    On August 30, Gisela, in charge of David Denies social responsibility in Cordoba, helped organize a big party for the children from the community centers and surrounding areas. A group of volunteers came up with the idea back in July. And so far the campaign has succeeded in gathering more
  • Do It: Father-son outing takes pair to bird-rich fields of Argentina

    10 April, 2015
    Adam Harden, 35, left and his dad, Jerry Harden, 62, experienced an epic father-son hunt for doves and pigeons in Cordoba, Argentina, the wingshooting capital of the world. Adam Harden’s one-day record was 1,050 doves harvested. Check out the whole story here
  • Indianapolis – NRA convention

    7 May, 2014
    Posted on May 7, 2014 by Douglas Larsen I was very happy to travel to Indianapolis earlier this month for the NRA convention. I was there to film a few minutes of video with the Remington Arms people. They have a lot of new products in the works, and I’m