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Welcome to the first issue of 2011 of our Wingshooting Connection newsletter. We will cover a wide range of topics related to wingshooting including tips, lodge reports, great videos and photos, as well as the latest company news. Enjoy!

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By Doug Larsen

We get a number of hunters coming to Argentina and Uruguay each season that have hunted over pointing dogs in the past, but many are familiar with hunting Bobwhite quail-birds that sit tight in close proximity to the dog until the hunter or a flushing dog forces them into the air. + info

Shooting report

Believe it not, Cordoba can have even more birds! Horacio, Cordoba lodges manager, explains the factors that led to the increase and shares the highlights of a great shooting season that has come to an end to receive a new season with great expectations.+ info

Social media fever

Facebook, twiiter, YouTube, are only some of the tools that we have implemented in order to stay closer to our fellow hunters. This way we can keep you updated with short reports, opinions, stories and tips, to let you know how the fishing is and how things are going at our lodges. + info 

Dallas, Houston & Reno.

We've already been to Dallas and Houston and we are now heading to Reno SCI. We are taking with us unique specials that will only be valid at the shows. If you are there, come and visit us! And if not, we still have great specials going on for you! + info


If you are coming south to pursue the tinnamou partridge or perdiz, the most important tip I can give you is to be aggressive as you approach the dog.

The tinnamou is a running bird and in short cover, as the bird senses danger in the form of approaching dogs and hunters, he'll often run ahead of the dogs. And not only will he run, he'll run through cover so short that you could not hide your cap in it. So, when the dogs point, you'll be urged by your guide or dog handler to move smartly to the point. Walk quickly, but don't rush, and as you approach the dog, do a quick check to see where your guide and hunting partner are positioned-safety first! Also leave the safety catch on your gun in "safe" mode until you see the bird in the air. They are fast birds, but you have plenty of time to acquire the bird and make a good shot without rushing. Remember to move quickly to the point and you'll put more perdiz in the game bag each hunt.

Doug Larsen operates the U.S. office for David Denies Wingshooting. He has written widely on shotgun shooting, duck hunting, and dogs. He is also the host of ‘Beretta’s Waterfowler’s Edge.’ He can be reached toll free on 866-333-6437 or by mail at douglas@davidenies.com

Another year gone, and a new 2011 has begun…

For the last 3 months we have noticed an increase in the number of birds! The reasons:

- More food
- Excellent weather
- No natural predators
- Very well protected roosting areas.

We know that a dove in Cordoba can hatch up to 6 times in a year, and with conditions like we have been having-they do!

This is what we experienced in 2010 and we are expecting a similar situation for 2011.

Going back to september, october and november we mainly hunted in the hills where we all know that the terrain plays an important role in the quality of the fly ways. We also hunted some feed lots as some shooters wanted to shoot closer birds or try smaller gauges like .410.

We broke all our records, meaning:

- more birds in one day shot by one gun
- more birds shot in a total group
- better ratio of shells/birds than other seasons.
The main factor: more birds meaning more opportunities to pick every shot.
All the crops are planted and finally we have had some rain that gives us confidence that crop yields will be high and the doves will have an abundance of food.

I remember what one of our guests said on his last trip:   

"I first hunted with David Denies 16 years ago, then went to Bolivia, Africa, Mexico and finally came back; to be honest after this trip I felt I had lost 15 years of superb shooting by trying other locations."

These are the type of comments that keep us committed to doing what we do best every single day.

Happy New Year and a prosperous 2011 see you all soon.

(Cordoba Lodges Manager)



Social media fever

We have a Facebook page that we update daily with the latest news from our lodges provided by managers, guides and by our guests.

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Dallas, Houston & Reno...

We are looking forward to seeing you at Reno show, come visit us! We will be glad to meet you and show you our new programs! Take note of our booth #:

JAN 26-29, 2011
BOOTH 961& 963

JAN 14-16, 2011

For all those who won’t be able to make it to the shows, we have some great specials going on that we are sure you will want to take advantage of!

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