Count Your Blessings


The duck season started in Australia last week, and as it does, we who do not hunt there must be reminded to count our many blessings. On Opening Day in the USA, I don’t have anti-hunters standing in my decoys in blaze orange vests, blowing kazoos and disrupting what is an ethical, honorable, treasured, and legal activity. I don’t have eco-terrorists at the boat ramp holding up signs that call me “killer” or that tell me that I’m a lousy parent because I take my children hunting. I don’t have to race an anti-hunter to collect my downed game. All things the duck hunters of Australia have to put up with, despite many anti-interference laws meant to protect their rights.

For those of us fortunate enough to hunt in Argentina and Uruguay, where the clock has been turned back on all activities related to hunting and gathering, we can go about our business of hunting ducks without fear that we will be harassed for it.

But how long will it be before this trend reaches us? Guns and hunting are under constant attack. If you aren’t doing something, then we are losing ground.

Back to the plight of the Australian duck hunters. If you are interested in reading more about duck hunting in Australia, visit the Field and Game Australia site at and you can bring yourself up to speed on all things duck in the land down under.

In the meantime, if you want to get more involved closer to home, join Ducks Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl, and the NRA. You can be a member of all three organizations for less than a hundred bucks a year in total. All three need your help, and by getting involved we can ward off and protect ourselves from potential problems in the future. Let’s count our blessings now, and insure that we wont have to count then as memories later.