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The year was 1982, and a visionary by the name of David Denies was about to launch an idea into what today is regarded by bird hunting enthusiasts everywhere as the greatest wingshooting in the world—-High Volume Dove Shooting in Cordoba, Argentina!

While wingshooting and bird hunting certainly existed 35 years ago, there was no where in the world which offered the volume of birds that David Denies was about to unfold.  David Denies was going to present the world with the “mecca” of bird hunting—- millions of free ranging birds, offered year round, and all from one location.

From that humble beginning, David Denies has expanded its offerings from a single dove hunting lodge to 8 of the finest bird hunting lodges in all of South America.  David Denies Bird hunting now offers bird hunting for dove, duck, perdiz, and pigeon.

We set an uncompromising standard back then and we still follow it today–namely, incredible shooting, 5-star accommodations, gourmet cuisine,  premium Argentina wines, and an experienced and attentive staff.  No one else in the industry comes close to delivering what we do everyday of the year.  Our reputation for being the “First in Argentina and Still Number 1” is a testament to our dedication to every guest we receive.

In celebration of our 35th year,  we invite you to visit us and experience what thousands of hunters have come to know as the greatest bird hunting in the world.  Whether you prefer dove, duck,  perdiz,  pigeon or a ” mixed bag” combination of all these, we will ensure your hunt is the most memorable and fulfilling hunting experience of your life.  Our motto says it all:

“Home to hunters who expect perfection”